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Black Mamba v3 LD

Black Mamba v3 LD
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2018.5 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition Black Mamba v3 LD 

Hungry and ready to feed...


-Scott-Bilt Racing LLC Yeti 137SS" snow mx track w/billet Reactor Arms and Carbon Fiber wheels
-2022 Yeti billet aluminum spindle
-Brockstar AER 48 snowbike specific fork upgrade
-Avid extrovert drivers
-Scott-Bilt Racing LLC engine mods (oh ya guy)
-FMF Megabomb full titanium exhaust and muffler
-Athena GET fully programmable ECU with Bluetooth capability
-Trailtech Voyager Pro GPS w/billet docking station
-Rekluse Radius CX auto clutch

-Trailtech billet radiator guard

-C3 Engine Coolant heated handlebars w/inline t-stat

-Earth X ETX12A Lithium battery (requires modified OEM battery box)

-C3 Powersports air intake
-PST engine Jacket
-Seat Concepts Standard Element seat
-C3 Powersports Backcountry footpegs
-Fastway handguards
-Fastway handlebar riser
-UFO black plastics

(Road Test Coming Soon!)